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Four seasons in the cycle, never change, spring and summer everywhere to find, autumn and winter to report. Spring flowers open, bud head, melting ice, bringing warmth. Summer is very hospitable, a piece of green and green, the sun smile late,

In the spring,everything become green,the grass come out,there are flowers everywhere. In the summer,it's very hot,you can hear birds chirping in the tree and frogs singing in the riverside. In the autumn, everything become yellow,the fruits are

There are four seasons in my hometown:spring summer autumn and winter. It turns warmer in spring .We always go for spring-outing.It becomes hot in summer.We always go swimming.It turns cool in autumn. We like going to park.It becomes cold

There are four seasons in a year.T hey are spring,summer,fall and winter .一年中有四个季节.它们是春、夏 、秋、冬.I like spring.It is warm.It often rai ns.I can plant trees and flowers in spri ng.The spring is green.我喜欢春天 .暖和,经常下雨.我可以

the weather in my hometown my hometown is a village .it's not big ,but it is very beautiful.the climate here is always wet ,you will feel very comfortable. in spring,it's very nice ,we can fly kites or riding bicycles .in summer ,it's hot ,we can swim in the

The weather is very nice in April, the temperature is around 15-20C,I think this is the best temperature through out the whole season. I feel very comfortable in this kind of weather. A lot of people start having outdoor activities. Young kids playing

第一篇: My Hometown-我的家乡 My Hometown My hometown is beautiful place It stands near a wide river at the foot of low GREen hills. It has many tall buildings and wide streets. There are trees and flowers everywhere. But it has not always been

My homtown's seasons are beautiful .In spring .The weather is warm .It often rains.But sometimes you can fly kites there.In summer it is hot .You can swim and ride bikes.In autumn the weather is cool.You can pick fruits and eat fruits.In winter, it is



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