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BE ABlE to的同义词

be ableto同义句是2、be capable of 英文发音:中文释义:v. 能够 例句:Once I knew I was forgiven I could be at

【beableto的同义词是什么?急】be able to=can能,会

be able to的同义词四个词的回答:was able to的意思是”成功做成某事“ 如: he was able to escape. 他成功逃脱。 与could的意思不同。 同义词:successfully.

be able to 的同义词组是什么?can, to have the ability to

be able to的同义词The Greeks were able to capturebe able to的同义词The Greeks were able to capture the city ofTroy by a trick in one night.

bedueto的同义词有什么?be due to 的同义词有because of

be able to的同义词回答:had ability/competence/capability to

are able to的同义词是什么?回答:答案:【be able to=can】可以,能够 be动词要随主语的变化而变化,不一定就是are亲 【Me YC真诚为你解答此题,若有疑问请

be able to do sth be able to do sth 的同义词是什么?_百 回答:be able to do sth 表示能够做某事,表示的是能力,有时态的变化. 完全相同的意思的词是没有的,有相近意思的. can 也表示

beabletodosthbeabletodosth的同义词是什么?be able to do sth 表示能够做某事,表示的是能力,有时态的变化.完全相同的意思的词是没有

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